AgeVisor POS 2.0 Installer and Updater

AgeVisor POS has a new screen layout (see image below) plus adds IDVisor Sync compatibility. IDVisor Sync allows clients with multiple installations to manage multiple installations from one central server. Existing clients may want to install code to a different

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AgeVisor POS 1.8 Installer and Updater

Below are two different download links.  Please read the directions and chose the most appropriate. The Installer download is for NEW installation or clients who want to ERASE all existing data. The update download  is for Existing installations or clients who

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IDWedge Pro configuration for QuickBooks QB Point of Sale POS

Introduction Date 5/23/2016 This post explains how to configure IDWedgePro to work with QuickBooks (QB) Point of Sale (POS) software (version 12.0) This applies to IDWedgePro version How to enable use of SendInput instead of SendKeys.Send() Note: be careful

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