IDWedgeBT + HanDBase – Mobile Customer Data Collection Solution for Lead Capture, Surveys, Digital Forms

An ID Scanner from Tokenworks coupled with a custom HanDBase form is the perfect solution for collecting valuable customer information using Drivers Licenses data to auto-fill contact information and hanDBase software create a customized mobile data collection system. Three Simple

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How To Install HanDBase on an iPhone or iPad

HanDBase is a third-party application that allows for easy creation of custom forms, which can then be populated automatically with Tokenworks IDWedgeBT. The basic HanDBase application is free, but a paid upgrade (currently $6.00) allows for fully customizable forms that

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IDWedgeBT HanDBase iPad Demo – Easy Custom Forms with ID Card Data Capture

Purpose HandDBase by DDH software provides an easy way to build custom forms that can be partially filled in by the Tokenworks IDWedgeBT ID Scanner. The software is currently $9.99 for the Apple iPad version, and other versions are available

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Pairing IDWedgeBT with iPod / iPad / iPhone

How to Pair IDWedgeBT with iOS devices Рipod, ipad, iphone. Determining version of software running in IDWedgeBT Before trying to pair IDWedgeBT, make sure it is running the Bluetooth HID keyboard firmware.  Below is a diagram of the IDWedgeBT keypad.

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iVerifier Configuration Guide

Setup When first setting up iVerifier you will need the following: FileMaker Go App (Free from app store) IDWedge BT and supplied USB cable iPod Touch 4 or 5 or iPhone 4 or 5 or iPad 1/2/3/4 or iPad Mini

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File Manager / Transfers for iOS devices ( ipad ipod iphone ) without iTunes

File Transfer to iPads, iPhones, iPods without installing iTunes DigiDNA has a nice application called FileApp for transferring data to and from an Apple Mobile Device. Before using, the iOS device require USB drivers on the computer. If you don’t

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