ID Scanner for Mac OS X with Node.js / Web Forms / IDWedgeKB

This post will take you from the initial setup of your local Mac OS X development environment to getting your ID scanner (IDWedgeKB) working in serial port mode with a web form, and everything in between. Ultimately, it will provide

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How To Work with IDWedgeKB in Serial Port Mode on Mac OS X

As you may know (hence why you may have arrived on this page) accomplishing the above is not as straightforward as it is on a Windows computer, for instance; it’s certainly not as “plug and play”, so to speak. Below

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How To Access IDWedgeKB Flash Drive Mode On Mac

Accessing Flash Drive Mode on an IDWedgeKB using a Mac The IDWedgeKB is compatible with a Mac OS as a scanner. However, the Flash Drive mode of the IDWedgeKB is only accessible using a Windows OS. Being able to access

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