Problem: AgeVisor Touch Date & Time is Incorrect/Resets

Problem: AgeVisor Touch is displaying the incorrect time.  The time value resets every 20 or 30 minutes, even after being set correctly. Cause: The operating system (Windows 10) is attempting to set the time automatically but does not have a wifi

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How to Set the Clock on the IDVisor Touch (Old and New Software)

If the clock on the IDVisor Touch ID Scanner is not set, then the scanner will prompt you to set the date and time before it will allow you to use the age verification software. This is done because the

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How to Set Clock on IDVisor Z22 Mobile and CounterTop

If you see the wrong age being displayed on the IDVisor Z22 Mobile or Countertop (or any of our products), then the clock needs to be set.    See below on how to set clock on the Z22 CounterTop and Z22

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