AgeVisor Touch Does Not Power Up

Follow the troubleshooting steps provided below when you are having trouble powering on your AgeVisor Touch. Note: Before beginning troubleshooting steps please determine if your AgeVisor Touch is using a 12V or 5V power supply by viewing the images below.

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Error: “Scanner Problem, Check FM420 Connection status”

If the AgeVisor Touch is not scanning properly, please first follow the instructions in the following link: Problem: AgeVisor Touch beeps, but does not display data If you received an error, while following the steps above, stating : “Scanner Problem,

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Problem: AgeVisor Touch Date & Time is Incorrect/Resets

Problem: AgeVisor Touch is displaying the incorrect time.  The time value resets every 20 or 30 minutes, even after being set correctly. Cause: The operating system (Windows 10) is attempting to set the time automatically but does not have a wifi

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How to fix a broken update on AgeVisor Touch, AgeVisor or IDWedgePro

Problems with automatic software updates If your application fails to update properly (AgeVisor, AgeVisorTouch, IDWedgePro, IDVisor Sentry ) and appears to be stuck or broken, exit the app and follow these steps: Using Windows Explorer, locate the hidden folder: C:\ProgramData\0100812D3FEA5A5A

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