IDWedgeBT Software Updates

Title Date of Release Version Description Last Modified
IDWedgeBT HID Bluetooth Keyboard Application Updater 7/26/17 3.4

Fixed bug with the BlueTooth HID {LEFT} control key field. USB keyboard was working correctly only Bluetooth keyboard had issue

1:49 pm
IDWedgeBT SPP Application Updater 01/26/17 2.9

Update MagDLL for USAA Visa length >=28
Update PdfDLL for y2kdob

4:32 pm
IDWedgeBT Keyboard Application Updater 01/26/17 2.4

Update Mag parsing for USAA Visa, trk2 now >=28
Update PDF parsing for y2kdob

4:25 pm
IDWedgeBT Keyboard Application Updater 06/13/16 2.3 USB Keyboard

Add new Feature/Config variable: DisableMagDL_CC

2:43 pm
How to Update iVerifier App

This post is for iVerifier software which works with IDWedgeBT. iVerifier software is our age verification software runs on an iOS device (ipad/iphone/ipod).

11:04 am
IDWedgeBT Firmware Update – using USB Virtual Serial Port Cable and Updater software 6/21/2013 N/A

Instructions for updating the IDWedgeBT Firmware using USB cable

2:52 pm
IDWedgeBT SPP Application Updater 08/13/14 2.8 SPP

Add Credit Card Raw Data output

5:21 pm
IDWedgeBT Keyboard Application Updater 10/22/15 2.2 USB Keyboard

PDF417 Parsing code update for MN..

3:34 pm
IDWedgeBT HID Application Updater 10/23/2015 3.2 HID

Update PDF417 parsing for MN

3:42 pm
9600 baud Scanner programming card 02/01/2013 Default Settings 9600

This document contains a PDF4i7 Barcode and is used to program the Scanner for IDWedge, IDWedge2.0 and IDWedgeBT. Download the document, and use scissors to cut out the Barcode, and tape it to ID card or a piece of construction paper, so that you can scan the card in the Barcode slot of the scanner.

4:54 pm
IDWedgeBT User Manuals for HID, SPP and USB All

User Manuals for HID, SPP and USB Keyboard Versions

3:47 pm