IDWedge Pro Updates

Title Date of Release Version Description Last Modified
IDWedge Pro Installer 9/14/20

bug fixes, improve scanner connection logic

3:02 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 1/13/2020

improve error handling on UNC path

12:53 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 12/11/19

Adds new text file output plus UNC path with credentials.

1:08 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 10/11/19

Adds UserID tracking as a follow up to,

2:24 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 7/1/19

Merged HaarDetection.dll into exe, supports face detection and cropping of IDs scanned with M280 for x86, add autoboot and automatic installation of M280 image drivers, new WCF test pages have control buttons to scan images and retrieve scanner/app info, Add Country field to WCF and MainForm

1:45 pm
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9:55 am
IDWedge Pro Installer 05/30/18

Fixes a bug introduced by the Win10 May 2018 Cumulative update that resulted in a "scanner busy" message, when capturing an image from the M280 scanner.

2:39 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 04/02/18

Add Brightness feature for M280 scanner, improve WCF logic, does not require Admin if app was first run with Admin

3:54 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 09/14/2017

Add support for F406 presentation scanner

4:19 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 7/10/17

streamline installation by embedding external DLLs into app and provide manual control of updates

1:57 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 4/6/17

Add feature to save scan output to flat file for Dazzle and fix WCF to output data, when same card is scanned consecutively

1:47 pm
Manually Trigger an Update to IDWedgePro 12/06/16

Modify Advanced Title bar recognition to use Contains and Ends with search term behavior.

3:16 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 12/06/2016

Modify the Advanced Title bar recognition to support Ends with or Contains wild card behavior.

3:21 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 10/26/16

Smaller Pin Pad that hides input, new field processing that removes dashes and spaces

3:45 pm
Manually Trigger an Update to IDWedgePro 10/26/16

this is updater, smaller pin pad, remove dashes

3:37 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 10/19/16

Set Disable Messages to default Enabled, Changed mainForm.OpenPort() to mainForm.serPort.Open() in the SystemEvents_SessionSwitch event

1:54 pm
Manually Trigger an Update to IDWedgePro 10/12/16

Adds Prnt Scrn to control keys, and a field modifier that replaces the word NONE with a Null or empty field.

2:36 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 09/23/16

enable update feature for previous versions,
restore control box to form (X) and allows for Disable/Enable of 1D on M260-M280, Manage Serial port when Users Lock and Switch Sessions

3:49 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 09/07/2016

Add SystemEvents.SessionSwitch detection to close app/ports when user switches login

10:13 am
IDWedge Pro Installer 08/29/1016

Fix y2k error on DOB field, improve DocIssueDate parsing, Add PIN code to protect settings and prevent closing app and auto screen clear feature

3:16 pm
IDWedgePro License Utilities 07/23/20
9:57 am
IDWedge Pro Installer 06/14/16

Add DocIssueDate field to application

2:14 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 06/02/2016

Update Eleckey run time components to fix issue with install error on file Updshl10.exe. Add message box for Https feature to notify user to allow exception on local port, and read help file.

3:09 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 05/12/2016

Add https mode for WCF, improve image transfer reliability, add latest FTDI driver package for Win10

4:34 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 3/10/16

This update fixes a 5 digit zip truncation in WCF mode. New version has full 9 digit zip is available in WCF and on GUI.

9:20 am
IDWedge Pro Installer 3/4/2016

Includes Full Version (Activation Code Required) and Demo Version. Improved stability in WCF mode

2:52 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 12/3/15

Includes Full Version (Activation Code Required) and Demo Version. New features: Add disable message boxes. Parsing Fix for Middle name

5:05 pm