IDVisor Sentry Software Updates

Title Date of Release Version Description Last Modified
IDVisorSentry Installer 2/18/19

Clock widget added
Ability to print / save daily scan PDF
Improvements to the UI

2:43 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 01/02/19

This version includes an improved webcam interface, and bug fixes for the Sync feature

3:50 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 12/21/18

fix an issue when clearing immediately after a Sync scan
add new SigPlusNET.dll to output directory

2:53 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 12/6/18

misc bug fixes

1:15 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 11/29/18

Add feature with Identifake that allows customers to Report problem scans to us
revamped the settings menu, adds a better interface for organizing the layout, miscellaneous bug fixes.

3:36 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 11/8/18

Improved data deletion options, Allow data deletion for individual customers, new M500 wrapper improves performance of identifake

2:55 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 10/25/18

This version improves the features that are related to IDVisor Sentry working with IDVisor Sync.

11:49 am
IDVisorSentry Installer 10/15/18

added the ability for IdentiFake results to be uploaded to the Sync.

4:56 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 10/04/18

adds M500 wrapper for x64 Identifake users, and improves label printing for all users

2:12 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 9/13/18

Add new update form, Added visit count to main page
Fixed bug where cropped face wasn't the automatic default pic for identifake scans

10:33 am
IdentiFake Library Update 09/05/18 v18.08.17.47

Library update for Identifake/AssureID

3:03 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 08/29/18

bug fix for f406 scanner

11:04 am
IDVisorSentry Installer 8/13/18

save a .sample file for diagnosis
30 day saving period for IdentiFake results
I/O mplemented changes for the the M500

3:40 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 07/27/18

1) Processing window appearing for scan for IdentiFake and CR5400
2) Prompt to remove card from M500 when scan is finished
3) Number pad to enter phone number
4) Ability to export specific columns when exporting Customers
5) Fixed bug where cropped face was not being pulled consistently from IdentiFake scans
6) Hide button on Main form added

3:12 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 7/16/18

Add support for M500 with Identifake, includes new sfx called M500_x86.exe which supports the 32 bit version of the M500dll.dll (eseek supplies two DLLs with the same name (32/64)

10:18 am
IDVisorSentry Installer 6/22/18

Adds support for Identifake, adds support for MagStripe scanner (MSR)

10:36 am
IDVisorSentry Installer 06/07/18

Fixes M280 image capture bug caused by Win10 May 2018 cumulative update.

3:13 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 05/03/18

Added Lead Capture, Fixed bug when customer sets default photo in Sync mode, Fixed display bug where age was appearing in State field

3:49 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 04/20/18

Fixed bugs relating to Sentry working with IDVisor Sync
Added post-scan form filling capabilities
Updated print options for Customer Data Sheet

3:23 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 02/01/2018

New GUI, add In/Out feature and Vehicle feature, disable pin code on search

6:15 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 10/27/17

repackage installer so CR5400 scanner will work with just the 3M driver, minor changes to GUI to show scanner is connected, add form filler feature

11:18 am
IDVisorSentry Installer 8/1/17

Added a new feature that allows you to view the photos
Added a new feature that allows you to pull up a customer record from the photo page
Added a Free Pics
Added the Labels back to the app for Dymo printer

7:57 am
IDVisorSentry Installer 7/13/17

Fix the update bug by replacing the updshlc.xml file supplied in the installer and the updater, Merge external DLLs into EXE

1:51 pm