IDVisor Sentry Software Updates

Title Date of Release Version Description Last Modified
IDVisorSentry Installer 02/01/2018

New GUI, add In/Out feature and Vehicle feature, disable pin code on search

6:15 pm
IDVisorSentry Installer 10/27/17

repackage installer so CR5400 scanner will work with just the 3M driver, minor changes to GUI to show scanner is connected, add form filler feature

11:18 am
IDVisorSentry Installer 8/1/17

Added a new feature that allows you to view the photos
Added a new feature that allows you to pull up a customer record from the photo page
Added a Free Pics
Added the Labels back to the app for Dymo printer

7:57 am
IDVisorSentry Installer 7/13/17

Fix the update bug by replacing the updshlc.xml file supplied in the installer and the updater, Merge external DLLs into EXE

1:51 pm