IDVisor Pro Software Updates

Title Date of Release Version Description Last Modified
IDWedge Pro Installer 5/16/19

Add Connection Wizard for M260-M280, automate driver install for m280 for x86 or x64

2:33 pm
IDWedge Pro Installer 3/7/18

add brightness feature to m280 images, modify WCF to work in non Admin accounts, after initially setting up in Admin mode, change update feature to manual, update users manual

2:55 pm
IDVisor Pro Update 01/23/17

Update Barcode parser to 3.1 to fix CaC date calculations.
New revised BannedVIP Search System: Add DOB search term.
There are now five possible match conditions. These are (DL#), (DL# and Last Name), (Last and First Name), (Last Name and DOB) , (Last, First Name and DOB).

New Search Process:The search process is implemented as two methods. One searches for “Confirmed” matches and one for “Possible” matches.

Added BannedVIP CSV File Export: Exports any records in the CustStatus table that have a Tag code assigned. The exported file is written to \Storage Card\Export Data\Banned_VIP_csv.

Revised BannedVIP File Import: Adds support for importing the DOB data from the comma separated value (.csv) file into the BannedVIP table. The import file is placed in the \Storage Card\Import Data\ folder.
The field layout is: LastName,FirstName,DLNumber,TagCode,DOB
The format for DOB is mmddyyyy. It must be 8 bytes with no separators.

Enhanced BannedVIP file import: additional checks on the data import and adds feedback to the user for errors.

Update Manual Entry Dialog Form Edit - prevents spaces in data

2:16 pm
IDVisorPro Update 7/1/16

Added feature for manual entry of customers/scans (Feature is referred to as "Manual Entry" in the software")

Added function that allows a picture to be saved without being associated to a customer (Feature is referred to as "Free pic" in the software)

1:51 pm
IDVisorPro Update 03/17/16

Fix restore Database from SD

11:20 am
IDVisor Pro Update 1/28/16

The text is changed on the auto delete settings form to mention the screen where this occurs.

The app should now delete image files in the root of Storage Card\Photos without an error message being displayed.

11:15 am
IDVisor Pro User Manual 8/7/15 1.1

IDVisor Pro User Manual

1:13 pm