AgeVisor Software Updates

Title Date of Release Version Description Last Modified
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10:11 am
AgeVisor POS Installer and Updater 1/16/19

add grandfathered feature

11:15 am
AgeVisor POS Installer and Updater 02/26/2018

supports multiple log in and adds support for external relay

6:13 pm
AgeVisor POS Installer and Updater 09/20/2017

Add F406 presentation scanner

2:52 pm
AgeVisor POS 2.3 Installer and Updater 5/26/17

Added a Export Compliance Report button to formViewScanData, Made the Hide button wider,
Add Module1 key to control 30 day message to server users

2:58 pm
AgeVisor POS 2.2 Installer and Updater 5/2/17

set main form property to be always on top

1:49 pm
AgeVisor POS 2.1 Installer and Updater 5/1/17

Added Limited Collection Feature
- Re-worked network connection
- Updated Database to include some additional columns, such as DocIssueDate
- adjusted fm420 connection settings to disable 2D barcodes and enable PDF417

2:34 pm
AgeVisor POS 2.0 Installer and Updater 4/10/17 2.0

AgeVisor is now similar in appearance to AgeVisorTouch, but keeps the pop up feature and a small window for POS terminals.

9:31 am
AgeVisor POS 1.8 Installer and Updater 3/10/2017

Changes future updates to manual only
Fix's CaC card Dob/Exp calculation

9:22 am
AgeVisor 1.7 Installer and Updater 07/22/16

Fix bug with DOB of 2000+, improve scanner settings page to handle configuring the M420 scanner

3:41 pm
AgeVisor Quick Guide 11/7/14 v1

AgeVisor Quick Start Guide

5:45 pm
AgeVisor Installer 4/7/2015 1.5

Release 1.5 of AgeVisor Software

12:49 pm