Windows 2000 Driver Installation Procedure for DigiSwipe

Windows2000Install4DigiSwipe .PDF File

How to install hardware without loading new drivers or using *.inf files


Plug hardware into PCMCIA slot using CFII adapter

(Note: Substituted ‘DigiSwipe’ for ‘CompactSwipe’ in above screen shot)


Hardware Wizard launches, hit next




Select Display a list of known drivers



Pick Ports


Select Communication Port


Windows will warn about potential compatibility issues, hit Yes



The driver will be installed using standard serial port drivers with default settings of 9600 baud, 8 data, 1 stop and No parity bits. The com port number will be automatically selected as well. All these settings can be changed via the hardware device driver settings in the device manager section. See below.


Should here a beep and then this message is displayed.




To alter the device settings, access the Device manager in the Systems Properties section



Locate the new Com port


Select the Port settings tab to see the port values.


The reader defaults to the above settings which is what the serial port also defaults to.


Hit Advanced to see or change the port number


Hit the Driver Details to see which drivers the DigiSwipe is using.

DigiSwipe uses the built in serial.sys drivers because it IS a new serial UART in the system.





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