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TSD Formula for IDWedgeBT

This is the formula to enter into the IDWedgeBT to capture information into the TSD Website.

The text files to be edited are already in the IDWedgeBT Unit.  Simply connect the IDWedgeBT to your computer as a USB drive and copy and paste the appropriate text into each file.

For more information on how to connect the IDWedgeBT to a computer go to:

How to Make IDWedgeBT act like a USB Flash Drive.

Here are the formulas:

[ ]{BACKSPACE}L{TAB}{Pause 1}F{TAB}{Pause 1}M{TAB}A{TAB 2}C{TAB 3}Z{TAB}{Pause 1}{TAB}{TAB}D{TAB}{Pause 1}{TAB}J[/]K[/]%{TAB}{Pause 1}Q[/]W[/]Y{TAB}


In the config.xml, make sure these keys (which control how fast IDWedgeBT “types” out data) are set to 5.   The TSD.net web page has lots of embedded scripts which need time to execute so IDWedgeBT needs to slow down a bit.
<add key=”CharDelay” value=”5″/>
<add key=”CtrlDelay” value=”5″/>



Updated on December 31, 2020

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