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Setting the Date and Time on the Z22 ID Scanner

If the age of your customer is not being displayed correctly there’s a good chance that the date and time of the ID scanner is off. It is probably around 1/1/2005.

This happens when the battery goes completely dead for a while.

To set the date and time correctly:

* Tap on the icon of the house in the bottom left side of the screen

* Keep tapping the house until you find the icon called Prefs (stands for Preferences) and tap on it

* The first option will be to Set Date And Time, Tap on that

* Use the arrow key to the right of the year to set the year, then do same for the month and then the day.

NOTE: Don’t use the Today button when setting the month. it will not work. make sure to click on the correct day of the month (12) instead.

Then finally click done in the bottom left and then press the big white button (physical button, not on the screen) on the bottom left to bring you back to the cardvisor application.

The date and time in the top right corner should now be correct.

Updated on December 31, 2020

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