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Pairing IDWedgeBT with iPod / iPad / iPhone

How to Pair IDWedgeBT with iOS devices – ipod, ipad, iphone.

Determining version of software running in IDWedgeBT

Before trying to pair IDWedgeBT, make sure it is running the Bluetooth HID keyboard firmware.  Below is a diagram of the IDWedgeBT keypad.

When the Function button is pressed the bottom LED Battery Meter will light up to identify which version of software is running

  • LED 1 (bottom of Battery Meter) = Bluetooth Keyboard HID
  • LED 1 & 2 ( two lowest of Battery Meter)  = SPP Serial Port Profile
  • LEDs 1,2 ,3 (three lowest LEDs of Battery Meter) = USB Wired Keyboard

Press the Function button to ensure you are running the Bluetooth HID version of firmware.  If not running the Bluetooth version, then see the software update section for directions on loading the HID Bluetooth software.

Pairing Instructions (assumes HID Bluetooth software loaded)

To connect IDWedgeBT to an iPad / iPhone or iPod, go to the settings screen on your device.

bluetooth on



Next tap on Bluetooth

bt not connected

Turn on Bluetooth and wait while it scans for local Bluetooth devices.

Make sure the IDWedgeBT is turned on.

Assuming the IDWedgeBT is turned on and NOT paired with any other device, you’ll see it displayed in the list of available devices.

Tap on IDWedgeBTHID

BT connected

Wait for the status to change to connected. On the IDWedgeBT scanner, the bluetooth connection LED (Blue LED) in the bottom right corner of membrane panel will now start flashing.

This means the device is now Bluetooth connected.

Once a device is paired, it will autopair when both devices are turned on.

Thus its a good idea to label each device with colored tap or some other markings and then just turn both on at the same time.

Updated on December 31, 2020

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