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iVerifier Network Configuration Guide


When first setting up your iVerifier Network you will need the following:

  • FileMaker Pro (on your PC)
  • FileMaker Go (on your iOS device(s) – available for free download at the App Store)
  • TokenWorks IDWedge BT
  • PC
  • iOS device (iPod,iPad,iPhone)
  • Wireless Broadband Router


Installation Breakdown

  • Install Filemaker Pro on your PC (30 day free trial available)
  • Download and install the iVerifier files on your PC
  • Download and Install Filemaker Go on your iOS device(s)
  • Configure IDWedge BT to the iVerifier form (may be already done depending on your purchase)
  • Turn on your IDWedge BT and allow it to start up
  • Bluetooth connect your iOS device to the IDWedge BT
  • Setting up your wireless network
  • Connect your iOS devices to your network and the iVerifier Database
  • Test the iVerifier Network
  • Start scanning IDs

For any questions or concerns please call TokenWorks Support at 1-800-574-5034 ext. 2

Downloading and Installing FileMaker Pro on you PC

FileMaker Pro is available for download at: http://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-pro/

You can get a free 30-day trial or purchase

 Downloading and Installing iVerifier files on your PC

There are two files that you need to download to your PC. Make sure you save both files to the same folder so that they can be found easily later

The first file can be found here:  (Note: these files are now old – get latest from TokenWorks)


Select download and save the file to your to your PC, but do not open at this time

 The second file can be found here:  (Note: these files are now old – get latest from TokenWorks)


Select download and save the file to your PC.

Open FileMaker Pro and you will get the following screen once the program launches:

 Hit the Browse button. Find the second file that you downloaded called “iVerifierApp” as seen below and hold the “Shift” key while selecting the “Open” button:

You will then be prompted with the following sign in screen:

In the Account Name box enter “admin” and enter the password “charles” and then select the OK button.

The next screen will be the following License agreement screen. Read the terms of the agreement and then hit the accept button to proceed.

On the top menu bar select Tools > Custom Menus and ensure that [Standard FileMaker Menus] is selected:

Downloading FileMaker Go on your iOS device(s)

Using your mobile device, go to the App store and download FileMaker Go.


Configuring your IDWedge BT to the iVerifier Form

(This step may have already been performed for you by TokenWorks depending upon your order. If your order was for the complete iVerifier package than you can skip this step, however if you purchased the IDWedge BT and iVerifier separately, you will need to perform this programming step.)

To configure your IDWedge BT to the iVerifier form you need to put the IDWedge into programming mode so that its output formula can be changed.

To do this firmly hold the battery button on your IDWedge BT and connect it to your PC via the supplied USB cable.

Continue to hold the battery button while the 5 blue lights next to the battery button go through a light up sequence twice. Once all five lights have lit up twice you can let go of the battery button.

The IDWedge BT will now have the BlueTooth light lit up solid blue and the IDWedge BT folder will pop up on your PC.

Double click and open the “Drivers Licence.txt” file.

Delete the preexisting formula and paste in the following one:


After you have entered the formula above select File from the toolbar and select Save to save your changes to the file.

Disconnect the IDWedge BT from your PC and ensure that it is off (Green power light is off)

Turn the IDWedgeBT on.

Allow the IDWedge BT to go through its start up sequence. (Takes roughly 10-15 seconds)

Connecting your IDWedge BT via Bluetooth

Exit out of the FileMaker Go App on your iOS device.

You now need to connect with your mobile device to the IDWedge BT via Bluetooth connection.

On your mobile device go to settings -> Bluetooth -> and select the “IDWedgeBtHID” Device.

Ensure that the blue light in the bottom right corner of the IDWedgeBT is now flashing. This means the device is now Bluetooth connected.


Setting up Wireless network

In this step you will need your wireless broadband router.

Power up your router and connect it to your PC with an Ethernet cable. Make sure to plug the cable into one the ports not specified for internet use. You will be using the router for a local network to connect your iOS devices to your iVerifier database. You will not be using it to connect to the internet.

Setup your network and name it something you will easily recognize so that you can easily connect your iOS devices.

On your PC in FileMaker Pro go to File > Sharing > FileMaker Network as seen below:

On the next screen make sure that the iVerifierApp.fmp12 file is selected and then hit OK, as seen below:

Now on your iOS device go to Settings > Wifi > and connect to the local network that you have just created

Then open the FileMaker Go App.

You will be prompted with the following screen.

Push the “Open File Browser” button


Then push the “Local Network Hosts” button



And select the MININT-230149V file as seen below:



You will then get the following screen as your iOS device waits to connect:


Then push the iVerifier App button


Then iVerifier will launch with the following login screen:


There are two username/password combinations you can use:

Username: “security” – P/W: “0000” and

Username: “manager” – P/W: “1111”

The manager account has more privileges than the security account and for now you should use the “manager” account.

The next screen is the License Agreement. Read the terms of the agreement and accept to continue.

After accepting the License Agreement, you will get the following home screen:



Testing the system

At this point your PC is connected to your router and running your local network. Your iOS device is connected to the local network via Wifi connection and is also connected to your IDWedge BT via Bluetooth. You have FileMaker Pro open and running iVerifier with sharing turned on and you have signed into iVerifier on your iOS device. You are now ready to test the system.

On your PC select the “Log” tab on the iVerifier Menu as seen below:

Now scan an ID with the IDWedge BT. The information should be filled out on your iOS device and you should consequently see the information appear in the Log on your PC.

Congratulations you have successfully set up your iVerifier Network!

You can connect additional IDWedge BTs and iOS devices using the same procedures as listed in this guide

If you have any issues at any point along the way, please give us a call at 1-800-574-5034 ext. 2


Updated on December 31, 2020

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