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IDWedgeKB Firmware Update 2.51

IDWedgeKB Firmware 2.51

There was a bug in version 2.5 which looked for “2.4” instead of “2.5” in the config.txt file and when not found warned that code version in config.txt was wrong.


Instructions repeated from  – Upgrading-IDWedgeKB-Firmware.pdf

  • Unzip the update file  – (e.g. IDWedge_2.51.bin.zip -> IDWedge_2.51.bin)
  • Put IDWedgeKB into Flash Drive mode by Holding Function Button down and plugging in IDWedgeKB usb cable. The Green LED should flash rapidly at about 10 flashes per second and on the PC.
  • When / If the “Do you want to scan and fix TokenWorks (drive:)?” message appears on the PC, just click continue without scanning.
  • The TokenWorks flash drive should appear in list of drives on the Host PC.
  • Copy IDWedge_2.4.bin update file to TokenWorks Flash Drive using File copy commands
  • Remove USB cable from PC – wait for PC to recognize change. Then re-insert USB cable and do not push the function button.  The IDWedgeKB LED will flash green for 4 to 5 seconds and then turn Blue or White depending on Keyboard/Serial port mode setting in config.txt.
    If the LED only flashes green for 1 or 2 seconds, the upgrade may not have taken place.  See next step to determine if upgrade occurred.
  • To confirm the software has successfully been detected and loaded into memory, repeat step 3 and put the device into flash drive mode again.  The IDWedgeKB_2.4.bin file should be erased from the TokenWorks drive.  If the file is NOT erased, then erase the IDWedgeKB_2.4.bin file and copy it onto the drive again and repeat step 5 and 6 again.
  • After the update has been completed, make a copy of the config.txt file if there are changes from factory default and then erase the config.txt file. The copy will be used to update the new config.txt file when it gets recreated.  The original config.txt file has the previous version of software and erasing the original file will cause the OS to recreate the config.txt file with the factory default values.  This step is only necessary if you want the updated / correct version of the firmware in the config.txt file.


Tip – Backup all the files on the TokenWorks drive before doing any updates.  In the event the new firmware doesn’t run as expected, delete all the files and use the backups to manual update the new files as the OS may be looking for new parameters in new versions of the file.

End of procedure

Updated on December 31, 2020

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