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IDWedgeBT Working with QuickBooks 2013

IDWedgeBT Form Filler: QuickBooks 2013


    The IDWedgeBT has the capabilities of automatically filling out ANY form. Everything from Google Docs to QuickBooks to custom forms can be quickly and effortlessly filled out in a matter of seconds. The best part is that this product does not need any software to be installed because it is treated like an external keyboard by the PC or MAC, so the possibilities are endless! This application note details how to configure IDWedgeBT for Quickbooks 2013.

Automatically Create Customers in Quickbooks with IDWedgeBT ID Drivers License Scanner

IDWedgeBT comes with three versions of firmware;

  • USB keyboard for computers with USB keyboard ports
  • Bluetooth keyboard(HID) for Apple, Android and Windows Tablet & Phones
  • Bluetooth Serial Port (SPP) for Android and Windows Desktop and Mobile Devices.

Quickbooks is typically run on a desktop or laptop, so the USB keyboard firmware is probably the most appropriate version of firmware to select. It simply plugs into the USB port and requires NO additional software installation – true plug and play.



  1. IDWedgeBT with USB Keyboard Firmware
  2. IDWedgeBT RJ50-USB Cable (included with product)
  3. PC or Mac computer running Quickbooks 2013 (this application note uses PC)

How to Setup the IDWedgeBT


Put IDWedgeBT into Programming Mode

The first step to using the IDWedgeBT is setting or creating the formula to mimic the form you are trying to fill out. To do this, we must first put the unit into “programming mode”. This will allow you to access the folders inside the IDWedgeBT.

To put the IDWedgeBT into programming mode, follow these simple steps:

  • First, turn the unit off.
  • Now, hold the battery button in the bottom-left corner of the unit while you plug the unit into the PC with the cable provided.
  • The unit will turn on automatically when plugged in.
  • Continue to hold the battery button until you see the blue Bluetooth light illuminate solid blue in the bottom-right corner of the unit.
  • A few seconds later you will see an external storage device appear on your computer (If you don’t see it, check My Computer).

For a video visit http://idscannerus.wpengine.com/products/how-to-load-idwedgebt-as-a-usb-drive/


This device will have several folders inside and should look like this:

The file called Driverslicenses.txt is where the formula will be held. Double click to open it using a text editor such as notepad.

The standard driverslicenses.txt formula will look like this:

The first thing you will want to do is highlight this formula and delete it.

We have created several formulas below to do different things with QuickBooks. Choose the one you are interested in and simply copy and paste that formula into this file and go to File -> Save, or press Control + S to save this change.

  • Now close the folder and disconnect the IDWedgeBT from the computer.
  • You can now turn the BT on using the Power button in the top-left corner.
  • You will see a series of blue lights appear next to the battery button. This is a self test that the unit does every time it’s turned on.
  • The lights will flash in series twice, then a third time slowly.
  • Make sure that all 5 lights light up in the end. Note: If the top light doesn’t light up, simply turn it off and back on again.

Your scanner is now ready to use. Once you connect the IDWedgeBT to the computer (using the cable provided), you should hear a da-dunk sound that indicates the unit has been recognized by the PC and is ready to go.

Scan a card and watch the form quickly and accurately fill itself out.

Below you will find different formulas to give you a jump start on your form filling.



Creating a New Customer in QuickBooks

Here is the formula we have created for creating a new Customer in QuickBooks. This formula is set to work from the main page of QuickBooks:


Note: This formula is dependent on how fast your PC or MAC is. Some computers may be a bit slower or faster than the one used to create this formula. The main difference is in the length of Pause. If your computer is a bit slower, simply add a Pause. If it is faster, you may reduce the time of the Pause or remove a few. The number after the word “pause” is the number of milliseconds that the IDWedgeBT will wait before proceeding to the next part of the formula. The maximum number of milliseconds allowed per Pause command is 9, but several Pause commands can be put in, one after another, as seen in the formula above.

** Also, if the scanner is still going too fast for your PC, you can slow it down by adjusting the character and control delays in the Config.xml file. To do this, you must have the IDWedgeBT in programming mode so all the files are access


HAWTHORNE, NY 10532ible as shown below:



Now open the Config.xml file by right-clicking it and selecting open with… and choose Notepad. This file will look like this:


Change the CharDelay and CtrlDelay from 0 to 5 so it now looks like this:


Now click Control + S, or go to File -> Save to save the changes made and disconnect the IDWedgeBT from the PC.

The scanner will now fill in the form a bit slower so your PC can keep up.

Here is the main page for QuickBooks 2013:

At this point, simply swipe or dunk the driver’s license and watch the new customer quickly be created.

After the BT has worked its magic, your screen should look like this:

You may now go back and fill in the fields that are not included in the driver’s license such as phone number, email, fax, etc. When you are finished, simply click on OK and you are finished!

Creating a New Vendor

    If you want to use the IDWedgeBT to create a new vendor in QuickBooks 2013, simply replace the driverslicenses.txt file with the formula below and save:


Remember to get QuickBooks to the main screen:

Once finished, your new vendor form should look like this:

    You can now go back and fill in additional information. Once you are done, simply hit OK and your new vendor will be created.

Updated on December 31, 2020

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