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IDWedgeBT not recognized as USB keyboard – Unknown Device

Problem Description: IDWedge BT not recognized as USB keyboard, unknown device. See picture below:

Description: cid:image001.png@01CEC368.CD7E88C0

Trouble shooting

Possible fixes:

1.) UnPlug and replug non working unit into same USB port on PC. – it might get recognized properly.

2.) Plug non working unit into different USB port on PC. – it might be the USB port or driver issues with that USB port


If there are multiple units available.

1.)    Try cable from working unit on this computer – it might be a bad cable

2.)     Plug working unit into this computer – this will determine if it’s the scanner or the PC

3.)     Plug non working unit with cable into another computer.  Does the problem move with the non-working unit?  If the problem moves to new PC, then it’s the scanner.  If the problem goes away, then there is something about the original PC

Updated on December 31, 2020

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