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IDWedgeBT – config.xml – setting CharDelay – ipod/iphone/ipad

IDWedgeBT CharDelay Setting in the config.xml file controls how fast data is typed or sent from the bluetooth or USB keyboard.  The CharDelay  value range between 1 and 20 milliseconds between characters.   Safari (web browser) on iOS devices running Java scripts tend to need more time to process keystrokes because the java script is processing keyboard data as it is being entered into the browser.  If the CharDelay value is too low, then it will appear that data is being dropped by the scanner, when what is really happening is the iOS device is ignoring keystrokes because it is busy running the java script.

If IDwedgeBT data is not showing up correctly on a form, please perform the following procedure.

  1. Put IDWedgeBT into flash drive mode – see the How to Make IDWedgeBT act like a USB Flash Drive
  2. Using a simple text editor like word or notepad, edit the config.xml file (do NOT use a Special XML editor program)
  3. Set the CharDelay = 20 (20 milliseconds) – in the config.xml file
  4. Save the file and reboot the IDWedgeBT
  5. Connect IDWedgeBT to the device and scan a credit card or drivers license
  6. Assuming data is correctly typed into the form/device, then decrease the value by one or five (e.g. 19 or 15) and try again
  7. Repeat the above until the lowest value is found.

The CharDelay value in the config.xml files determines how fast IDWedgeBT types characters.  Below are CharDelay settings we’ve found work for various devices.

Note: These values were for test editors.

Below are CharDelay settings we’ve found work for various devices

iPhone 4s – CharDelay = 3  – Date of test 11/1/13 (J2 Phone)
iPod 5th Gen – CharDelay = 1





Updated on December 31, 2020

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