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IDWedge Form Filler Users Manual


Below is a screen shot of the IDWedge Form Filler Application.



Before you can use the application you have to have already connected the IDWedge reader to the computer and installed the USB cable driver.

The rest of this document guides you through the steps needed to configure the communications and the formula used to fill forms.

Note: the Clear field’s button clears all the fields on the IDWedge screen and reports the status of the check boxes located on the Port Settings and Formula input screens. A log file is created on the hard drive in the following folder: C:\IDWegde\TKWK. The file is called tkwk.inx and is used to log all card swipes. If you find a Drivers License that does not read correctly, you can e-mail this file to TokenWorks. The Password button and associated box is for maintenance of the IDWedge reader.


Configuring the com port


Below is the screen shot for the Configuration ->Port Settings menu item:




Do not use the Automatic Port Open option until you have manually opened the port at least once. This will ensure you have the correct port number selected. COM Port 17 is displayed as an example, your computer may differ. Select the COM port your computer has assigned to the USB cable.


You can find the correct port by looking at START -> Control Panel -> System and then select the Hardware tab and click on the Device Manager button, then scroll down to see the Ports (COM & LPT)





Once you have selected the correct port, you are ready to start using the IDWedge application.


Click on the Open Port button on the main screen, if the port opens correctly, you will see two numbers printed in the IDWedge output box, and the Test Card Scanner button will be enabled. If you click the Test Card Scanner button you will see the same two numbers in the output window. The first number is the reader registration number (16 digits) and the second number is the IDWedge s/n number (10 digits).


You have now successfully configured the com port. The settings are saved automatically when you exit the application. The next time you run the app, you can use the Automatic Port Open feature if desired.

Form Filler Formula


Below is the Configuration -> Formula Input screen:




The field legend represents the field data parsed from the Drivers License or Credit Card and loaded into each field on the IDWedge main screen. The Control Legend defines the control keys (non printing characters) used to navigate a form. Typically a form will ask for First name in one field, last name in another field, etc. and you use the tab key to go to the next field as you type, and when all the fields in you form are filled, you would hit the enter button.


In the Formula box, you create the formula you need to fill in your form. The most common control characters are available. If you need to enter static text into a particular field like “N/A” or “No Data” you can include the text by enclosing the text in brackets [N/A] or [No Data].


DL/ID Field Legend (Capital Letters Only):

F = First name

L = Last name

M = Mid name

T = Title

A = Address

C = City

S = State

Z = Zip



D = DL#

H = Height

I = Eye color

X = Sex


Credit Card Field Legend (Lower Case Letters Only):

f = First name

l = Last name

p = PAN or Account #

y = Expiration Year in YY format

m = Expiration Month in MM format


Control Legend:

Tab = {TAB}

Enter (Numeric Keypad) = {ENTER}

Down Arrow = {DOWN}

Up Arrow = {UP}

Left Arrow = {LEFT}

Right Arrow = {RIGHT}

Backspace = {BACKSPACE}

Delete = {DEL}

Insert = {INS}



Text Legend:

[Text to insert is encapsulated in braces]


An example formula would be:





This would fill in First name in the first field, Last in the 2nd field, Address in the 3rd field, City in the 4th field, State in the 5th field, State in the 6th field, Zip in the 7th field, and then simulate an enter for the final keystroke.


The default state for the ID/DL Form Filler function is to be activated. If you want to deactivate the Form Filler function, uncheck the box labeled “Enable ID/DL Form Filler”. The default state for the Credit Card is disabled. To activate the Credit Card formula, check the box labeled “Enable CC Form Filler”. Click the done button when you have figured out your formula(s) and the formula(s) will be saved when you exit the application.


Once you have the port configured correctly and the formula entered correctly,

Minimize the IDWedge application or place it in the background and bring the Form you want to fill in automatically up on the screen. Place the cursor on the first field you want to fill in and then scan or swipe a card. The form will be filled automatically. If you bring the IDWedge form filler app to the front of the screen (the app has focus or is active) then the form will not be filled in. The IDWedge screen has to be in the background (inactive or lost focus) or minimized in order to fill out forms.


If you do not hear a beep when you scan or swipe a card, it means that no data was read from the card. The IDWedge Form Filler is designed to work with Drivers License and Credit Cards only. If you swipe other magstripe cards, you may hear a beep, but no data will be accepted from those cards.


Updated on January 1, 2021

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