IDParser Server ASP SDK 4.3.8

Windows SDK for TokenWorks subscription based Drivers License Parsing Library.

Download this file and unzip it to your PC:

IDParser Server ASP SDK

Unzip this file to get the passphrase protected Self Extracting Archive file:

IDParser Server ASP SDK 4.3.8.exe  (you will need a pass phrase, contact sales)

  • you’ll have Visual Studio C# and demo and scanner integration projects with documentation.
  • There is also and ASP.Net server demo project
  • Registered Trial mode parses name, address in clean but converts remainder of fields with each 3rd character into an asterisk (*).
  • After purchasing and using an activation key, the software will parse all fields without asterisks.
  • Supports online and off line deployments
  • To purchase an activation key, please call 800 574 5034 x1.

Post created 11/11/22

Updated on November 11, 2022

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