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ID Visor Touch – File Store Error – Corrupt SD Card – Fix

If your Touch unit is giving a file store error message or something similar, you can fix it yourself with this 20 minute procedure.

This message tends to appear due to the SD card having corrupt files on it and being completely full. To remedy the situation,  you can do a CheckDisk on the SD card (after transferring all important backups and swipe data to your desktop). Unfortunately sometimes this does not remedy the situation and will come back OK, but did not solve the problem. So you may be forced to reformat the SD card. Which can be done without removing the SD card or even disassembling the unit.

If the Storage card is full then what you want to do is take the data that is in the “Backup” folder and move them to a folder on your computer.  See the Documentation below on “Removing Old Data From Handheld”.

To access the SD card, you must first exit the application by going to Setup -> close application from the main IDScanner menu (password is 5678 unless changed). Once the application is exited, tap on the Start button in the top left corner and select Settings. In the Settings menu, tap the third tab at the bottom called Connections. Select the icon called USB to PC, then choose the top radio button, Disk Driver, and tap OK in the top right corner. Now Connect the scanner to the PC. It should appear as an external storage device on your PC within a few seconds.

After connecting the Touch to the PC, simply go into My Computer, right-click the external storage device (Touch) and select Properties. See how much free space is on the SD card. If it says it is completely full, then you have a corrupted SD card. To remedy this, go to the Tools tab at the top and select Check Now in the Error checking tool. Check both options to Automatically fix system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. Then start the error checking tool. Once completed, check if the SD card has changed in size by going to the general tab.

If the SD card still says it is completely full, then a Quick Format will need to be done. Once it is done, everything will be wiped from the SD Card so MAKE SURE YOU TRANSFER THE MOST RECENT BACKUPS AND SWIPE DATA BEFORE REFORMATTING. To do this, go to My Computer and double click the external storage device (Touch) to access the files inside.

There will be several folders (2577, Backup, Docs, Import Data, Exported Data, SwipeData, Videos and EncfiltLog.menc).

The folders you are interested in are the Backup, Exported Data and SwipeData folders.  The Exported Data folder contains the customer file and/or ID scan file if you have exported it and they will be in an excel file. You can copy and paste these onto your PC, although they are not necessary. The SwipeData contains specific information that can be used to recall data in a worst case scenario. You can copy and paste this entire folder onto you desktop as well.

The Backup folder is the most important folder. This contains the backups that the scanner automatically creates every day of your entire database. Double click this folder to open it. It should have several files inside. These files will grow in size as you scroll down. They will also be organized from the oldest to the newest. The safest thing to do is to scroll to the bottom of the folder where the files are the largest and most recent. Create a folder on your computer desktop called Backup (make sure this folder is named exactly as spelled, with a capital B) and copy the 10 most recent backups into this folder.  TAKE NOTE OF THE MOST RECENT BACKUP DATE. YOU WILL NEED THIS DATE TO RESTORE THIS BACKUP AFTER YOU REFORMAT AND CLEAN BOOT YOUR UNIT.

Once you have copied these files onto your PC, you are ready for a reformat. If you have the most recent version of software ( then you can also copy the 2577, Help and Videos folders onto your PC as well and reuse them. If you need to update your software, follow the link below to get the most recent version of software:


Now for the Quick Format. MAKE SURE ALL IMPORTANT FILES ARE OFF THE SD CARD AND ON YOUR PC BEFORE PROCEEDING. Now, go to My Computer and right click the external storage card. In the menu, select Format… Then check the Quick Format box. Ensure that the Capacity is set to 1.82 GB, the File System is set to FAT, and the Allocation unit size is set to Default allocation size. Now choose Start. Once finished, ensure that your SD Card is empty by going back to My Computer, right clicking the external storage device and going to properties.

Now you can put the most recent version of 2577, help, videos and your Backup folder back onto the SD card and do a clean boot. Copy or cut and paste these folders from your PC back onto your freshly cleaned SD Card. You are now ready for a clean boot.

To Clean boot the unit, start by exiting the app (if you have not already done so) and going to Start -> Settings -> System (2nd tab) -> Clean Boot -> Enter 1234 -> Press OK. Now wait for approx. 5 minutes for the unit to reboot.

Once the unit comes back, it will ask to tap anywhere to continue. Tap anywhere and a cross hair will appear. Tap the cross hairs as they go to different locations on the screen so that the digitizer can get calibrated. Try to be as precise as possible.  Once it is done, it will ask if you want to Install from SD. Select Yes. Then tap Install in the bottom left corner of the screen that comes up. It is already set to install to device. (Note: sometimes the installation window will disappear and go into the background of the system. To bring it back up, tap on the icon in the top right corner of the screen that looks like a few bars, this will bring up a drop down menu with a program called Installation running. Tap Installation and it will bring the installation window back to the foreground). Once it is done, tap OK in the top right corner. The next installation screen will automatically come up. Tap Install again, then OK when it is done. Repeat this for all installation windows that appear until a window comes up saying, Installation Complete. Then tap OK and the unit will reset.

Once the unit finishes restarting it will bring you to the IDScanner main page with IDSCanner, Scan Data, Help, Setup and Search. Tap on Setup. Then tap on Set Date and Time. Set the correct date and time. Then tap on Configuration in the Setup menu. Tap the Advanced Setup button. Now tap the 3rd tab called ID Reader. Tap Initialize. It should give you a message saying that a new bluetooth reader has been found, would you like to pair. Select yes, and enter passcode 5678. The reader should now triple beep and a serial number should appear in a small window in the middle of the screen. Tap OK and save in the top left corner. Now tap exit until you get back to the main screen and finally tap ID Scanner.

You are now ready to scan ID’s. If you want to restore your old database. Tap Setup from the main IDScanner Menu. Then tap Database. Then tap restore. Now pick the date of your most recent backup and tap List Files. Then tap on the file that appears. It will ask if you want to restore this file. Select OK. Give it a minute. Bigger backups require more time to be restored. Once completed it will say, Backup Restored.  Test by going back to the main IDScanner menu and tapping Scanned Data. All the old data should be displayed. Youre data should now work like the bees knees!

If you have any troubles with the process, please give us a call and we will help walk you through the process:

(800) 574-5034 ext. 2

Updated on December 31, 2020

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