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How to Make IDWedgeBT act like a USB Flash Drive

The IDWedgeBT can be connected to any computer as a USB drive using the supplied RJ50 / USB cable. This is how you access the configuration files on the IDWedgeBT.

To Load (Mount) IDWedgeBT as a USB Drive

  1. Plug the RJ50 jack (looks like an ethernet or phone jack) into the IDWedgeBT . Do not connect the USB jack to computer.
  2. Power off the device by pressing the power button. All lights will be off when the power is off.
  3. Press and hold the battery button on the IDWedgeBT.
  4. While holding the battery button, connect the USB jack to the computer.
  5. Continue holding the battery button until the battery status lights turn blue.
  6. Release the battery button.
  7. The IDWedgeBT is now mounted as a USB drive.

Here is a video which explains the process

Updated on December 31, 2020

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