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How To Install HanDBase on an iPhone or iPad

HanDBase is a third-party application that allows for easy creation of custom forms, which can then be populated automatically with Tokenworks IDWedgeBT. The basic HanDBase application is free, but a paid upgrade (currently $6.00) allows for fully customizable forms that look and operate like native iOS apps. This can be a quick and easy way to create custom applications that receive input from ID cards automatically.

Here is a video of the HanDBase app working with IDWedgeBT:

See our detailed instructional post on building Custom Forms with HanDBase here.

How do I install HanDBase app on an iPhone?

HanDBase Database Files required:

  1. HandBase database (download .PDF file)
  2. HandBase Form (download .PDB file)

Download these two files and email them to yourself. Open the email on your iPhone or iPad. Click on the files in the email to import the files into HanDBase.

Installation Instructions

  1. Open the 2 database files above on an iPhone with HandBase application installed. Once open,
    select the TokenWorks Demo database (the others can be deleted).

    Choose the Tokenworks Demo.
    Choose the Tokenworks Demo.
  2. After selecting the Tokenworks demo, the database will display. In the display below, there is no data, but in actual use, you’d see your collected data. Click on the forms button in the bottom left comer.

    Choose the Forms button in the lower left hand corner.
    Choose the Forms button in the lower left hand corner.
  3. The forms button will launch the main form shown below. Simply fill out the form manually or
    with IDWedgeBT and press the submit button to save the data.

    This is the HandBase main form.
    This is the HandBase main form.
  4. Hitting the submit button saves the data and opens a new form ready for data capture. At that point you would scan a driver’s license to populate the top of the form and then press the Rep button to select a rep from the pop-up list. After completion, hit submit and repeat for the next customer.
  5. The IDWedgeBT formula used to auto-populate this form:

Download a PDF version of HanDBase app installation instructions: HandBase App Installation Demo.

Updated on December 31, 2020

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