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How to Capture Raw Magnetic Stripe Data with an IDWedgeKB

Capturing Raw Magnetic Stripe Data With An IDWedgeKB

The following steps below explains how to retrieve Raw Magnetic Stripe data from an IDWedgeKB.


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1. With the USB end of the CN-8000 cable connected to the PC, hold down the button on the side of IDWedgeKB WHILE plugging the RJ45 end of the cable into the IDWedgeKB.

Keep holding the button until the PC makes USB connection sound and the button is flashing a green light.

NOTE: The green light should NOT be solid.

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After the IDWedgeKB has been successfully connected, the IDWedgeKB will now appear as a new disk drive.

Use File Explorer to locate the new disk drive on PC. The new disk drive should be: IDWedgeKB (F:).

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2. Within the IDWedgeKB (F:) drive you will see a list of 6 files.

Make a backup copy of the config.txt and Magnetic.txt file to your PC. Place these files somewhere easily accessible such as the desktop as we will need them in Step 4.


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3. Download the Raw-Data-Capture-Replacement-Files by clicking on the link. A zip folder containing a replacement config.txt and magnetic.txt will be downloaded.

After downloading, extract the contents of the folder.

After extraction, Copy and Replace these files with the config.txt and magnetic.txt files in the IDWedgeKB (F:) drive.

After replacing the files unplug the usb end of the cable, then plug it back in to the PC. The IDWedgeKB will now be in raw data mode.

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Open Notepad and scan a magstripe with cursor active in Notepad. Scan a few times to ensure both tracks are captured.

The raw data should look something like:

%FLBROOKSIDE^STEWART$AMY$LYNN^87 KELLY RD^?   ;636010101181000=031119811110=?


4. When you are done obtaining the raw data, we will now return the original config.txt and magnetic.txt files to the IDWedgeKB (F:) drive.

To do so, repeat Steps 1-3, with the only modification being on step 3 where you will Copy and Replace the original config.txt and magnetic.txt files we made copies of earlier back to IDWedgeKB to restore previous application settings.

After copying and replacing the original config.txt and magnetic.txt files, unplug the usb end of the cable, then plug it back in to the PC. Open notepad or preferred form and scan a magstripe once again.

The information should now fill out the same way as it did before replacing with the Raw Data Capture Replacement files.




Updated on December 31, 2020

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