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CardVisor Software Updates

To update the CardVisor software in the CardTool reader, please perform the following;

1.) Identify CardVisor Version

First identify what version is installed by selecting the ‘About CardVisor’ menu icon from the ‘Options’ Menu while using the Magnetic Stripe application (applicable for customers which have both the bar code and magnetic stripe CardVisor applications). From the title of the About screen, note whether CardVisor II or CardVisor III is installed.

About CardVisor
Select ‘About CardVisor’
CardVisor II
CardVisor II
CardVisor III
CardVisor III

2.) Determine hardware version

  • IDVisor Z22 Mobile or CounterTop (Bar Code and Magnetic Stripe Reader)
  • IDVisor Z22 MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader)
  • CardVisor II, III, IV – Standard, BC, Edge (all use the CardTool Magnetic Stripe Reader – Black Plastic Case)

There are different versions of software for the Bar Code/Magnetic stripe reader versus the Magnetic stripe only. See Products to determine if the bar code reader cradle is installed.

3.) Installation instructions Acrobat

4.) Download the appropriate updater file

– Notice we’ve put pictures of the hardware in each section – MAKE SURE you download the right software.

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Updated on December 31, 2020

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