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AgeVisorTouch – Controlling Windows 10 Update

AgeVisorTouch V. has a new feature that let’s you control when/if Windows 10 will update.

Windows 10 will automatically update the OS at the worst possible times – like in the middle of a busy work day – so to control when this happens, we’ve added a new feature to AgeVisor Touch which allows you the user to control when Windows updates.

Clients who do NOT connect to WiFi/Internet do not need to read this but for those that do, here is what you need to know.


Microsoft states that Windows 10 OS is a service, not a product, and therefore claims the right to continuously update the OS, and has made it almost impossible to opt out of these updates.  The most recent update called Fall Creators is a 4.5 Gb update that takes up to 4 hours to download on slow connections.  Since these changes are primarily features that Microsoft wants to add to normal users PC and not really applicable to an embedded device such as AVT we decided to add a feature which controls the updating process.


With version of AgeVisorTouch, the automatic updates are normally turned off.

To Enable the update setting, perform the following steps:

Run the AVT app as Admin (connect a mouse, right click the AVT icon on the desktop and select Run as Admin)

Go to Settings->Preferences and check the box called “Enable Win10 updates”

Close the application and reboot the device.

To Disable updates, follow the same procedure, and uncheck the Enable Win10 updates box.

Note: If you receive version as an update, you will have to follow this procedure to disable the updates, as the changes will not occur unless the app is run as an Administer.


Updated on December 31, 2020

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