IDWedge Form Filler Not Working – Solutions

Problem: The IDWedge is hooked up correctly, but the information is not populating the user’s form correctly.


  1. Open Word or Excel or Notepad. Minimize IDWedge and try scanning into Word/Excel/Notepad.
  2. If that does not work, then you probably have a problem with the formula – missing bracket, extra bracket, etc.
  3. Change the formula to something very simple. For example, “L” which will send Last name to active form.
  4. Minimize IDWedge and scan into Word/Excel/Notepad.
  5. If that works, then go back to your formula and start building it back up, scanning after each change. If it fails, there is an error in the last change you made. Build the formula back up to the desired length.
  6. Open up your target form (webpage, POS, etc.) and rerun the IDWedge Form Filler software.
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