IDWedgeBT – VMWare Character Output Issue

Problem/Description: The IDWedge BT is outputting a long string of characters that is unrelated to the contents of the ID or the formula on the IDWedge BT.  It may be the last character that constantly repeats.

Observed Behavior:

  1. An ID was scanned with the IDWedge BT
  2. The output data appeared correctly
  3. The last output character, “?” started to repeat – create a long string of “?”

Environment: VMWare (Horizon) Terminal, Windows 7 Pro SP1. PCoIP Hardware Accelerator

Solution: Increase the CharDelay value in the Config.xml file. For example, if the Value is currently set to “5”, change it to “10” and then save and test to see if the issue is resolved. In the case reported, this resolved the issue.

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