How to Update iVerifier App

This is how to update your iVerifier App software for bug fixes or general updates

Step 1) On your ipad/ipod/device – From the home iVerifier Scan Screen close database file by tapping on the button that looks like two boxes top left corner of the screen (to the left of “iVerifierApp” in the grey border)  .


This will minimize the iVerifier App. You then have to tap the red “X” button to close the app


Step 2) In Filemaker Go – go to open files on device menu and right swipe on the iVerifierApp file.  A RED delete button will appear (NOTE: DO NOT DELETE the iVerifierData file). Push the delete button to delete the iVerifierApp file – again do not delete the iVerifierData file


Step 3) After iVerifierApp file is deleted, follow same process used to originally install the iVerifierApp file – i.e. download from dropbox to device:

The file can be found here:


open in Filemaker Go,


and sign in using the appropriate user account.

manager sign in

Congrats, you now have successfully updated your iVerifier software!!

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