How to get virtual keyboard to work on Android Nexus 7 when paired with IDWedgeBT

How to get virtual keyboard to work on Nexus 7

Problem:  When the IDWedgeBT first pairs with Android Nexus 7 tablet, the virtual on-screen keyboard does not work.  Pressing the keyboard button on the IDWedgeBT has not effect.  How do you get the virtual keyboard to work.

Answer:  First the keyboard button on the IDWedgeBT ONLY works with iOS devices.  Android operating systems can handle multiple keyboards.  Apple iOS devices can only handle one, which is why we need the button to “eject” the Bluetooth keyboard.

The solution on the Nexus 7 is to tell the operating system to discontinue using the “physical keyboard”  This is done via the setup.  See the steps below.

From the Settings menu click on “Language & Input”


Then click on “Default”


A window will pop-up and use the “Hardware Physical Keyboard”  on/off slider to the off position




Once in the off position, whenever the screen is tapped, the keyboard will pop up as if the IDWedgeBT was not connected.  Thats because the OS knows not to use the physical keyboard (i.e. IDWedgeBT) and to instead use the virtual or pop-up keyboard.

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