Video: How to Transfer Memos from Palm Desktop to Excel on a MAC

Note: The process detailed in this video is also explained in the IDVisor Software User Manual   –  See page page 39 of the manual – Method 2. Exporting data from a Mac or PC Palm Desktop  The MAC version of this process is slightly different than the PC version which is why we created this video.

If using a PC, it is suggested that you take advantage of the MemoPad2CSV software provided on the Download page and he directions provided in the IDVisor Software User Manual on page 29.

3/18/2010 – Here is alternative method to exporting the data from the Palm Desktop to Excel.  In this demo, the extension on the file name exported from the Palm Desktop uses a *.txt extension and then when opening this file with Excel, one  selects the file type of “text file” which then cause the Excel Text Import Wizard to launch.

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