IDWedgeBT – Configure Magnetic Stripe for Raw Data

Q: I am attempting to configure the IDWedge to output complete, unedited Track1 data from a credit card, as my merchant requires this for Card-Present transactions. It appears as though this cannot be done by configuring CreditCard.txt so I have attempted to turn off the credit card parsing and use the Magnetic.txt but it will not output anything for credit cards. Is there a way to output complete Track1 data using the IDWedge? Thanks very much for any help you can give!

A: Yes its possible to output raw track 1 and/or raw track 2 data  – See latest IDWedgeBT User manual –

Section 3.2 CreditCard.txt

The Credit Card formula uses lower case letters torepresent the fields on a credit card.
a= Track1 Raw data
b= Track2 Raw data
f= first name,
l= last name
p= PAN or credit card number
y= ExpYY,
m= ExpMM
n= Scanner S/N
Example: a{TAB}{ENTER} would output Track 1 Raw Data followed by Tab keystroke and then Enter Keystroke
NOTE: Raw data means all the information on a track including the start and end sentinels in ASCII format.

Things to check if still having issues

1.) Make sure CreditCard is True in Config.xml file

<addkey=”CreditCard”value=”True” />
<!– Controls how credit card data is parsed output- creditcard.txt –>

2.) Make Sure Firmware is HID and latest version 3.0   –

new versions of firmware can be downloaded from “software update” menu item on
Check the Device.txt file for version installed on hardware
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