IDvisor Pro repllog.exe Error – Cause and Fix


This post details what causes the replllog.exe error and how to avoid.

To avoid this error – DO NOT CHANGE THE DEFAULT CONFIGURATION OF IDVISOR PRO – DO NOT USE ACTIVE SYNC!  Instead use the “Storage Card for U Disk” option in the USB Control – see below.

OK – now onto explain what causes this problem.

To Replicate the problem

repllog.exe error

repllog.exe error

Have the cradle plugged in to PC with USB. Start with Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) not running on PC.  Plug device into cradle. WMDC will load and start running.

When it comes up click on “Set up your Device” button..
It will show a screen with checkboxes for “Contacts”, Calendar, Tasks, and Files.  The Contacts, Calendar and Tasks picks will say “Oulook has not been configured..” if you do not have Outlook installed or configured for syncing data.. So pick the Files checkbox only.
 Windows Mobile Device Center
The next screen will show a default assigned device name for the device based on the PC user’s name.
See screen shot attached.
Leave all the options at default.  The option for first data synchronization will be set to “Merge..”.
Click Setup to proceed to next step.
It will start the first sync to device.
Device will react with a ping sound…  note device now has the repllog error message on its screen.
The WMDC screen will show sync progress bar with an error icon at lower left.
Sync failed.
 Windows Mobile Device Center
Note: this test was performed on old Vista machine – but it is expect to also occur on newer machines.


This problem is caused when a user reconfigures IDVisor Pro to use activesync to synchronize emails/notes and other data from outlook on the PC with the IDVisor Pro.  The IDVisor pro is NOT a PDA which was the original purpose for activesync, but an ID Scanner which exports data via the USB Flash Drive.


To avoid this issue – please ensure the USB control is set to Storage Card – see below.  In this mode, the IDVisor Pro will be recognized as a USB Flash drive which is the best way to access data on the scanner.

USB Control in IDVisor Pro Control Panel

USB Control in IDVisor Pro Control Panel


Storage Card - USB Control - makes SD card on IDVisor Pro look like USB Flash Drive - No drivers requried

Storage Card – USB Control – makes SD card on IDVisor Pro look like USB Flash Drive – No drivers requried












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