How to Load Firmware – Clean Boot M310

This document describes how to clean boot m310 with firmware.   Unlike most windows phone, there is no “hard reset” procedure which reloads the operating system.  So if a users deletes or overwrites system files (via file manager or using active sync), a firmware reload is the best way to “reset” the scanner.  Often when a device stops communicating via activsync, we find this procedure restores the unit.

Note 1: Only apply this to m310 units.  If you have an M310S, see this post.

Note 2: This should only be done by experienced IT professionals as they unit can be “bricked” if interrupted during the update process.

Below is a PDF document which explains the process.  How to update M310 OS_V2

Note 3: Find a couple micro SD cards from different manufacturers to use during the process.  The cards must be fomatted with FAT16 and be smaller than 2GB.  We’ve had good luck with Transcend 2GB SD cards but at times we’ve found SD cards which do not work.  There seems to be differences on how SD cards are formatted and speed which seem to matter, so have a couple on hand.  If the M310 does not start loading the firmware from the SD card after a few attempts, try a different SD card.

Note 4: Before re-installing the software, check the scanner to see which version is currently installed.  Its available in the system information screen on the device and on the boot screen.   As a general rule of thumb, install the same version first.  This will normally resolve whatever issues has come up.  Only switch to the newer version of firmware if the original version does not solve the original problem.

This is the version of firmware TokenWorks has been using on the m310 6/1/2013.  C6G_250_10306  (Zip File 16 mb)

There is a later version of firmware which we used on the M310 and found to work with our software.  C6G-270-10565 (zip file 16mb)


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