IDParser NodeLocked Server 3.11

New Windows Server Parsing project for our drivers License parsing software.  This version is designed to run on servers versus single user desktop version.

  1. Down the this file  IDParser NodeLocked Server SDK 3.11-zip.exe   It is an archive/zip file, so after download, unzip it.
  2. You’ll have an Executable now which needs a pass phrase – please call tokenworks at 800 574 5034 for the pass phrase.
  3. After the executable runs, you’ll have a zip file which converts to a VS project.
  4. Note: Unactivated (i.e. Demo) parsing software converts each 3rd character into an asterisk (*).
  5. After purchasing and using an activation key, the software will parse all fields without asterisks.
  6. To purchase an activation key, please call 800 574 5034 x1.
Updated on January 10, 2021

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