Eseek Scanner Test Utility

This utility provides IDParser M260, M250, M280 programmed Eseek Scanners clients with a hardware testing application.

These scanners typically are purchased from TokenWorks and have a black and yellow label with DLL Parsing 260, Scanner 260 or Scanner 280.   This utility will NOT work with scanners which have a label which says “IDWedge.”

Download Software  , unzip and run.  Make sure the correct com port is selected before hitting the open port button.  The This has a ping button, and a get s/n button to verify you have the right port.

The Ping Button will return an OK message if the port is opened to the scanner and the Get SN button will return the Eseek Serial Number.  To scan a drivers license, just insert the barcode as shown and when withdrawn, the scanner should beep and the results displayed on the screen.  If the scanner doesn’t beep, check card orientation and try again.  The scanner beeping indicates the barcode has been read properly.





Above ss a screen shot of the Eseek Scanner Locked Test Utility.

Below are sample labels for the m250
















Updated on December 31, 2020

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