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Configuring DL Parsing Scanner with DL Parser Demo App

Problem: DL Parser turns on and beeps when an ID is scanned, but doesn’t work with DL parsing software

Solution: The scanner may need to be reconfigured. Use the demo application provided with the SDK to reconfigure the scanner.

The demo application is provided on the SDK disk.


Find the Demo App – TokenWorksDLLSample – which is in the Release directory (…\TokenWorksDLLSample\TokenWorksDLLSample\bin\Release)



Run the Program


Assuming the scanner is plugged into the USB port, perform the following steps

  1. Select the Port – Press Select Port, and pick the virtual com port that represents the scanner – press Done

  1. Open the Port – Press the Open Port button
  2. Press the Program Scanner Button
  3. Press the Pin Scanner Button
  4. Test the scanner – swipe a card

If the field data from the scanned card shows up on the main form, the problem is resolved.

If not, please contact TokenWorks for additional support.

Updated on December 31, 2020

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