IDWedge Formula Error – Unable To Send Keys

Problem: Customer had an IDWedge that was not filling out info. Instead it would give an error message saying: “Formula Problem: Unable to SendKeys”. The IDWedge would fill out the form in IDWedge without a problem, but once program was minimized and card was scanned, error message would appear.

Customer’s PC Specs:

Windows 7 OS

IDWedge Version 3.1

Solution: Customer had old version of IDWedge intended Windows XP OS without .NET installed. So to solve problem, you must delete directory and download and install a newer version of IDWedge (3.2 or 3.3).

We were able to tell that this was the issue by going to the program directory. There you will see a bunch of files, instead of one. The size will also be around 38MB instead of a few KB.

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