iVerifier Installation


iVerifier Installation and Setup Guide


When first setting up iVerifier, you will need the following:

  • FileMaker Go App (Free from app store)
  • IDWedgeBT
  • iPod Touch or iPhone or iPad
  • PC or MAC to configure IDWedgeBT

Installation Breakdown

  • Download FileMaker Go from the app store
  • Download and install the iVerifier program
  • Turn the IDWedgeBT on and allow it to startup  (Make Sure IDWedgeBT has been configured for iVerifier)
  • Bluetooth connect your device to the IDWedgeBT
  • Open iVerifer
  • Start scanning ID’s!

    Setup Procedure

    Using your mobile device, go to the App store and download FileMaker Go.  (Free app)

    The next step is to download the iVerifier files. There are two files that need to be downloaded. The first file is called iVerifierData.fmp12. Follow this link and download the file:


    And then proceed and open the file with FileMaker Go. It is not necessary to log in at this point. You only need to open the file.

    The next step is to download the second iVerifier file called iVerifierApp.fmp12. The file can be found here:


    Download and save this file on the device.

    Turn the IDWedgeBT on and wait for the blue lights to finish flashing.

    Now on the mobile device, go to settings -> Bluetooth -> and select the IDWedgeBtHID Device.

    Ensure that the blue light in the bottom right corner of the IDWedgeBT is now flashing. This means the device is now Bluetooth connected.

    Now open the FileMaker Go application:

    On the device, choose to open the Files on Device and select the iVerifer program.

    Once presented with the login screen there are two username/password combinations you can use:

    Username: “security” – P/W: “0000” and

    Username: “manager” – P/W: “1111”

    The manager account has more privileges than the security account.

    Sign in using the appropriate Username and Password and iVerifer should open and look like this:

    Tap in the Scan Data bar at the top of the screen, then scan an ID.


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