iVerifier Configuration Guide


When first setting up iVerifier you will need the following:

  • FileMaker Go App (Free from app store)
  • IDWedge BT and supplied USB cable
  • iPod Touch 4 or 5 or iPhone 4 or 5 or iPad 1/2/3/4 or iPad Mini (iPad screen size as of version 2.11 iPhone sized)
  • PC or MAC (to configure IDWedgeBT)

See the video at the end of this post to see what you should have at the end of this process

Installation Breakdown

  • Download FileMaker Go from the app store
  • Download and install the iVerifier  program files
  • Configure your IDWedgeBT to the iVerifier form
  • Turn the IDWedgeBT on and allow it to startup
  • Bluetooth connect your device to the IDWedgeBT – See Bluetooth Pairing ipod/ipad/iphone
  • Open iVerifier
  • Start scanning ID’s!


 Setup Procedure

Downloading FileMaker Go

Using your mobile device, go to the App store and download FileMaker Go.


Downloading and Installing the iVerifier Files

The next step is to download the iVerifier files. There are two files that need to be downloaded. The first file is called iVerifierData.fmp12. Copy and paste this web address into Safari:


And select download:


And then proceed by selecting “Open in FileMaker Go” from the top right section of the screen.

 iverifierdata open in filemaker

It is not necessary to log in at this point. You only need to open the file as seen below:

 iverifier opening data

You can hit cancel in the top left hand portion of the screen.  This will bring you to the following screen:

 iVerifier file browser

Ensure that the file saved by selecting “Files on Device” and you should see the file “iVerifier Data” listed.


The next step is to download the second iVerifier file called iVerifierApp.fmp12. The file can be found here:



Download and save this file on the device.

Then just like with the previous file, open the file in FileMaker Go


You will again be prompted with a login screen. This time you need to login.

manager sign in

There are two username/password combinations you can use:

Username: “security” – P/W: “0000” and

Username: “manager” – P/W: “1111”

The manager account has more privileges than the security account and for now you should use the “manager” account.

OnceSign in using the appropriate Username and Password and iVerifer should open and look like this:

 Welcome to iVerifier

Configuring your IDWedge BT to the iVerifier Form.

There are two files which need to be changed inside the IDWedgeBT to work with iVerifier.  The files are

  1. Driverslicense.txt
  2. Config.xml

To edit the files, first put the IDWedgeBT into flash drive mode.   See Making IDWedgeBT into a USB Flash Drive

  1. To do this firmly hold the battery button on your IDWedge BT and connect it to your computer via the supplied USB cable –
  2. Continue to hold the battery button while the 5 blue lights next to the battery button go through a light up  sequence  twice.
  3. Once all five lights have lit up twice you can let go of the battery button.

The IDWedge BT will now have the BlueTooth light lit up and the IDWedge BT folder will pop up on your PC.

Edit the Config.xml and Driverslicense.txt files

Double click and open the “DriversLicence.txt” file using notepad or other text editor (do not use Word as it may add extra formatting characters).
Delete the formula that is written out and paste in the following one:
After you have entered the formula above select Save to save your changes to the file.

Open the “config.xml” again using notepad or other simple text editor.
Find the variable called “CTRDelay” which is normally set to a value of “5”
This variable controls how fast IDWedgeBT types data onto the screen.
<add key=” CharDelay”value=”5″ />
For an iPod 4, change this value to 3.
For an iPhone 5 / iPod 5 or any iPad, change this value to 1.

<addkey=”1Dbarcode”value=”True”/>  Change to


This prevents 1D barcode – which are present on many drivers licenses from being decoded.

Again, save the file and close it.

Disconnect IDWedgeBT

If using a MAC, eject the drive (MAC computers will complain if a Drive is not ejected before being unplugged)
On a PC you can just unplug it, but always wait a few seconds after saving any files to ensure the PC has updated the flash memory.
Ensure that IDWedgeBT is turned off (Green power light is off)

Turn the IDWedgeBT on.

Allow the IDWedgeBT to go through its start up sequence. (Takes roughly 10-15 seconds)

Connecting your IDWedge BT via Bluetooth

Exit out of the FileMaker Go App on your iOS device.

You now need to connect with your mobile device to the IDWedge BT via Bluetooth connection.

On your mobile device go to settings -> Bluetooth -> and select the “IDWedgeBtHID” Device.

bluetooth on   bt not connected   BT connected

Ensure that the blue light in the bottom right corner of the IDWedgeBT is now flashing. This means the device is now Bluetooth connected.
If you have trouble with this step, see this post

Opening iVerifier

Open the FileMaker Go application again, which should still be on this screen:

      Welcome to iVerifier

Hit “Close” on the bottom right of the screen

Tap in the “Scan Data” text box at the top of the screen. Make sure that the cursor is flashing in the top “Scan Data” text box and then scan an ID.

 ready to scan

Congrats! You have now configured your iVerifier!

Backing up Database – important

Turn on iCloud to back you your Apple device or use iTunes to back up to a PC/MAC.

Your customer data is stored on the Apple device so you’ll want a back up in the event the device is broken

Here is a brief demo video of the product in action

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