IDWedgeBT not recognized as USB keyboard – Unknown Device

Problem Description: IDWedge BT not recognized as USB keyboard, unknown device. See picture below:

Description: cid:image001.png@01CEC368.CD7E88C0

Trouble shooting

Possible fixes:

1.) UnPlug and replug non working unit into same USB port on PC. – it might get recognized properly.

2.) Plug non working unit into different USB port on PC. – it might be the USB port or driver issues with that USB port


If there are multiple units available.

1.)    Try cable from working unit on this computer – it might be a bad cable

2.)     Plug working unit into this computer – this will determine if it’s the scanner or the PC

3.)     Plug non working unit with cable into another computer.  Does the problem move with the non-working unit?  If the problem moves to new PC, then it’s the scanner.  If the problem goes away, then there is something about the original PC

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