IDWedgePro Activation Code Destroy Tool

The IDWedgePro application uses a Key system to control the licensing of the product.  The Destroy tool provides a method to allow users to destroy a key and provide a confirmation code to TokenWorks.  When we get the confirmation code from a user, we can verify it, and then provide a reset activation code.

This method is useful for: Moving license from one machine to another, changing the level of license, or, as part of computer maintenance (you should destroy your key before doing maintenance, like changing motherboard, or h/d upgrades, etc)

Download this archive:

Unzip the archive to a folder on the pc with the IDWedgePro app that is activated.  Run the app in the folder called:


You will see a confirmation code, copy that code and e-mail it to: [email protected]

Note: it is important to copy just the code, do not send a screen shot of the code, this will not allow us to confirm the code.

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