How to Soft Reset IDVisor Z22 Mobile, MSR or CounterTop

Whenever the scanner seems to be misbehaving, try a soft reset. This will NOT delete the saved data in the scanner. It just resets the OS.

Note, if you do NOT see the orange Palm Logo using the plastic stylus as shown in the video, follow this procedure. 

Soft Reset Procedure:

  1. Plug the scanner into wall power – MAKE sure its a 12 Volt center positive Direct Current (DC)  power supply with 1000mA supply.  About half of our support calls are due to users using the WRONG power supply.  The power supply must have at least 1000mA (1A) of current and must be center positive DC twelve (12) Volts.
  2. Get a flash light or stand under strong light source.
  3. Find a paper clip and unwind it so you have about 1″ of wire,
  4. Look into the reset hole on the under side of the scanner. You should see a silver plate with an 1/8″ hole about 1″ down from the reset hole.  Inside the hole in the silver plate is a black button about the size of a pencil point.  This is the reset button.  It may be slightly off-set from the center of the silver hole.
  5. Insert the paper clip wire so it makes contact with the reset button and press down.  You will feel a tactile response – or a “click” or “snap” as the button is depressed.  If you don’t feel the “snap” or “clip” go back to step 4 and try again.  The paper clip wire must be centered in the small black plastic reset button.
  6. After feeling the “snap or click” turn the scanner over – you should see the Orange Palm Logo – now wait for the scanner to boot.

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