Alternate Soft Reset For Palm Z22

Recently a customer had an issue with their IDVisor Z22 Mobile. The Palm would start up, but then freeze at the grey Palm logo screen. After trying a soft reset over the phone (hold green powerbutton until grey logo comes up, then hit down arrow for “no”) but this did not work so we had them send it in for repair. Once we received it, I tried an alternate method of soft resetting the Palm.

To do this, you simply hit the reset button on the back of the Palm and then hold the up arrow (without holding the green power button) for about 5 seconds after the screen turns to the grey palm logo. After doing this the Palm booted up normally and continued to do so every time afterwards.

I also found that the customer had installed a VIP/Banned list on the unit, but had not put the records in ascending order. This may have been the initial problem and cause for the Palm to freeze on the grey Palm logo.

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