Sending TKWK files on M310 and M310s

How to send TKWK* files from IDVisor m310 or IDVisor M310s to TokenWorks Support

At times, we may ask clients to send us some diagnostic files from the device to fix or update the software.  These directions detail the process of finding and sending those files.

On the M310 or M310s, exit the application and navigate to program files\idvisor touch\Log directory

See screen shots below.  In the log directory, copy all the files and zip them into one archive (tkwk1.inx and tkwk2.inx).

You can copy the files off the device using ActivSync – Or – copy to local SD card and manually transfer to your PC

Email the zip file to [email protected] with company name and any details of the IDs which are causing issues.
































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