How to delete all data on IDVisor M310 / M310s

This method will clear all data saved in your scanners database.

Step 1:

Power on the scanner and plug the mini usb cable into the scanner. When the Windows Mobile(or Active Sync  for Windows XP) dialog  appears, select Connect without setting up your device.Then go to File Management ->Browse the contents of your device.


If Windows Mobile/ Active sync did not appear upon plugging the scanner in or you do not have it installed. See these posts.

Active Sync – Mobile Device Center – M310 USB Driver

Active Sync – Mobile Center Troubleshooting

Step 2

An Explorer window should appear with two icons. Select the Icon labeled / ,then go to Program Files -> IDVisor Touch


Download and extract the IDScanner file from the IDVisor Touch folder and replace it with the file from


Step 3

After the IDScanner file has been placed in the IDVisor Touch folder, you can plug the mini usb cable out of the unit and you will need to re-initialize the scanner.


Select Setup ->Configuration (you may need to Enter a pin for Configuration. 5678 is the default unless it has been changed )


In Configuration, select advanced set up.


In Advanced Configuration, select the ID Reader tab and press the Initialize Reader button.


If successful you should receive the Scanner OK message shown above with the Device ID number .Press the Save button in the top left twice and the Home button to return to the main screen and test the scanner.Please use an ID you do not mind being saved in the scanner Database or  you can use our Sample barcodes.

If the Scanner OK message did not appear , try pressing the Initialize scanner button a few more times. If it still does not initialize, give us a call at 800-574-5034×2 for additional support. 

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