Using IDWedgeBT with a Simple Excel Form

This post will provide a simple excel spreadsheet and a formula that the IDWedgeBT will type into the fields shown below.



Download the Sample Form

Download the Driverslicenses.txt

1:  Mount the IDWedgeBT as a USB Drive. (Instructions on how to do this can be found here.)If mounted correctly your PC should inform you that you have a new removable disk.

2:  Press Open folder to view files and you will see the  files shown below.


3:  Drag (or copy and paste) the Driverslicenses.txt file to the removable disk directory.A Move File window will appear  ,select Move and Replace

move file

4:  After the Driverslicense.txt file has been copied onto the removable disk, un-plug the IDWedge BT and power it on normally. Connect your IDWedgeBT to the desired device and  open the form.



  • If the ID has been swiped successfully you will hear a beep.
  • Make sure your curser is flashing in the First Name(Column A) and swipe an ID.



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