Mailing Labels – Printing from Excel

Printing Mailing Labels From Excel

Over the years, we’ve created a couple application notes which show how to create mailing labels in Word using the mail merge feature.

Here is an example using Word/Excel 2002 – Creating Mailing Labels Word2002.   The look and feel of Word has changed over the years, but the basic steps are the same – in fact its a bit easier with the later versions of Word.

Avery Print OnLine

This morning, I tried a free on-line mail merge utility from Avery which I found a bit easier.   It guides you through the process by first selecting the type of Avery Label, then specifying the layout and finally importing the Excel file.  They even have live chat help.  So give this a try next time you want to create mailing labels from an Excel spreadsheet.  Note: you will have to register with an email address to access the free software, so expect to get some email offers from Avery to whatever email address you provide.

In the event the link above has changed, Google the phrase  “Avery Design & Print Online”  and navigate to the print OnLine section.

Avery Print OnLine Screen Shot

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