How To Export Data on AgeVisor Touch

Please follow directions below on how to Export Data on an AgeVisor Touch.

1) From the Main Screen go to Data.












2) On the Data screen you will select either Reports – Scan Data and/or Reports – Customer Data. If you would like both export files, they will have to be done separately.

Scan Data – list of real time scans

Customer Data – list of all customers scanned on device













3) You may choose the data you want to view by changing the time frame. If you would like to export all the data scanned on the device simply uncheck the From option. After choosing the desired time frame select View then Export.












4) You will now see a window where you will select if you want the data exported to the Device or a USB drive.

Note: Please have USB connected to device before performing export.











5) If the location selection was Device, you can view this data by going to Help > Exit App. Then going to File Explorer > (C:) Drive > Tokenworks > Exported Data.










6) If the location selection was USB Drive, the data will be exported directly to the USB drive. Please check the contents of the USB drive for the exported data file before removing.


If after attempting these steps you are still unable to export data on your device please create a support ticket leaving your Name, Business name, Phone, and email address here.




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